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Eqstim 50 Cc Bottle For Pets

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Dosage and Administration: EQSTIM® must be administered by the intravenous I.V

Anaphylactic reactions may occur

Cautions EQSTIM reg is restricted to use by, or under the supervision of, a veterinarian

Contraindications Do not use in conjunction with glucocorticoids or other immune suppressors

Do not freeze

Do not use when pregnancy is known or suspected

Dosage Foals 1 mL

Eqstim 50 cc bottle.

For veterinary use only

Older horses 1 mL per 250 lbs body weight

Precautions Store at room temperature until first used, then store at 2-7 degC 35-45 degF

Repeat the dosage at day 3 or day 4, at day 7, and weekly as needed

Shake well to obtain uniform suspension

Steroid therapy should be withdrawn at least seven days before initiating this therapy

The effects of this product have not been studied in pregnant animals

There may be a rise in temperature, tremors, temporary loss of appetite, or sluggishness a few hours after injection